Merida museum will recreate entire ‘Who’s the Boss?’ house

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An inside-and-out replica of the “Who’s the Boss?” house will bring a slice of Fairfield, Connecticut, to Merida, Yucatan. Photo: Courtesy

Merida, Yucatan — The city’s newest attraction will make Yucatan a mecca for fans of the 1980s U.S. sitcom “Who’s the Boss?”

A full-scale replica of the Connecticut house where the series where Tony Danza played a housekeeper will be built at La Plancha. Visitors will be allowed to roam the living room with its stone hearth and cozy American Colonial furniture, and speak with strolling actors who will reprise the roles of Angela, Tony, Jonathan, Samantha and Mona.

Organizers compared the project to the Sistine Chapel replica that was built in Merida over two years ago. Most people in Mexico have seen neither the Vatican up close, or “Who’s the Boss?”

Visitors with VIP passes will even be allowed to rummage through the side-by-side refrigerator and help themselves to cold pizza (from Pepe’s in New Haven) or Foxon Park Root Beer, another regional brand that the Micelli-Bower family would likely have enjoyed.

Upstairs, reruns of the half-hour ABC program will play continuously in the Judith Light and Sound Theater. And outside, specialists will figure out how to recreate a New England autumn with some stately maple and oak trees, capturing a slice of Fairfield, Connecticut, in tropical Merida.

The show ran for eight seasons and made a star of Alyssa Milano, who played Tony Danza’s daughter. A permanent exhibit with Milano memorabilia will be promoted in Japan, where the governor of Yucatan will promote the tourist attraction before millions of her hardcore fans.

The Who’s the Boss Museo y Research Center, powered by Dolby, is expected to open on April 1 of 2021, if you can believe it. Which you can’t because today is the day nothing is to be believed.

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