Mérida police release a tally of summer-vacation arrests

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Photo: Mérida municipal police

Mérida, Yucatán — With the summer holiday period officially over, the municipal police report they arrested 922 people for various misdeeds.

Between Saturday, July 7 and Sunday, Aug. 26, 736 people were arrested after being accused of unsafe driving. Another 54 for driving while intoxicated, 26 for minor shoplifting, 20 for pickpocketing or purse snatching, one for vehicle theft and one for stripping a car of some of its accessories.

One of the more serious arrests happened in late July, when the canine unit sniffed out a women they said was packing a a 32-caliber pistol and 49 cartridges at the TAME bus terminal on Calle 68.

Police dogs also led officers to a man allegedly carrying 10 kilos of marijuana at the CAME bus terminal on Calle 70.

Basic police surveillance led to the arrest of five people who were reportedly painting graffiti on the walls of various businesses on Calle 59 between 56 and 58.

Paramedics aided 516 people who fell ill, were hurt in a fall, were car-accident victims, suffered an epileptic attack or nervous breakdown or were injured in an assault.

Municipal police crews have concluded their holiday operations, and in announcement thanked citizens for allowing the period to pass without major incidents.

Source: Press release

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