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Mérida police return wallet with 2,950 pesos

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A resident is reunited with a cash-stuffed wallet found at the Plaza Peninsular de Tecnología. Photo: Courtesy

Mérida, Yucatán —Mario Alejandro Estrella Ku must have thought he was out nearly 3,000 pesos for good when he lost his wallet at Calle 59 by 56.

He was lucky an honest anonymous citizen found it, and gave it to an honest cop.

Officer Pablo Pot Dzul was on duty outside the Plaza Peninsular de Tecnología when he was handed the wallet.

The policeman tracked down the owner after spotting a nervous-looking Estrella Ku pacing about.

The man told the officer he had just withdrawn money from an ATM, but left his wallet somewhere near the Plaza, a complex with vendors specializing in high-tech gear. His description of the wallet and its contents matched the found item.

But before it could be returned, there was paperwork to be done at headquarters, where Margarita Cámara Acuña reunited the man and his wallet by 4 p.m.

“This type of action is a sign of citizens’ confidence towards their institutions, which allows the country to continue to make Mérida and the state of Yucatán the most secure state in the country,” the police announced on social media.

Reaction on Facebook was mainly congratulatory, with one reader comparing the incident to “The Rose of Guadalupe,” the popular television anthology that presents miraculous events in everyday life.

“And what? It’s your obligation, no? And you want applause?” wrote another commenter.

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