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Mérida preparing for 7,000 business travelers in November

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Mérida, Yucatán — The International Convention Center is fully booked for November, with at least 7,000 business travelers arriving for meetings and networking.

The older convention center, Siglo XXI, and several hotels are also hosting business events such as expos and trade shows, said Saúl Ancona Salazar, the state’s tourism secretary.

Yucatán is so far a success story in its efforts to increase business tourism, anchored in the construction of the new “Powered by Samsung” convention center that started operations in April. Business travelers on expense accounts tend to spend much more money than ordinary tourists.

The massive International Convention Center greatly expands Mérida’s capacity to host large-scale events with high-tech needs.

“We see the commitment of hoteliers, as well as businesses and services that depend on it directly and indirectly, to work together with the authorities to have the ICC full,” he said.

Around 44 million pesos were allocated to promoting Yucatán to overseas audiences, funded by the lodging tax. Half of that revenue is devoted to business tourism.

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