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Mérida rises in quality of life poll

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Merida is less than half a point from tying with the No. 1 city on a new quality-of-life poll. Photo: Flickr
Merida is less than half a point from tying with the No. 1 city on a new quality-of-life poll. Photo: Flickr

Colima, Mérida and Querétaro, in that order, are the Mexican cities perceived to enjoy the highest quality of life, according to a national poll.

Mérida jumped from third to second — a very close second — swapping positions with Monterrey, Nuevo León, which this year is ranked fifth, said the Office of Strategic Communications. Of the other Peninsular cities that made the list, Cancún was No. 11 and the city of Campeche was 25. Ciudad del Carmen, in Campeche state, took 22nd place last year, but dropped to 41 in the latest poll.

Colima was in fourth place last year.

Aguascalientes, which ranked eighth in 2013, is in fourth place this year. Durango ascended from 21 to tenth.

Mexico City dropped from 27 to 42.

The study measures the public perception in 10 variables: housing, public and private schools, mobility, cleanliness, amenities, peaceful coexistence, museums and historical sites, natural beauty, quality of life compared with the rest of the country, and compared to the quality of life of a year earlier.

Highlights of the list:

1. Colima

2. Mérida

4. Aguascalientes

5. Monterrey

7. Saltillo

10. Durango

11. Cancún

25. Campeche

42. Federal District

55. Chilpancingo (Guerrero)

Here is a breakdown of the top 11 cities:

ZM Monterrey,2.4,3.3,3,3,2.9,80
Nuevo Laredo,2.4,2.9,3,2.7,2.4,77.8

Download entire report (PDF in Spanish)

Source: Notimex

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