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Mérida scores high for Internet access

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Mérida is above the national average in Internet access. Photo: Sipse

Mérida, Yucatán — For Día Mundial de Internet, encouraging news for the White City.

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, Mérida is ranked in the top ten of the most connected cities in Mexico.

Yucatecans are also above the national average in terms of internet-connected cellphone use.

With nearly eight in 10 of its citizens actively online, Mérida is No. 11 nationally in Internet use, according to the report. The national average is six in 10 percent.

Public wifi in parks and along the Paseo de Montejo has brought connectivity to the public, and in private homes, numbers are also strong.

The Yucatecan capital ranks ninth in households with internet. Seven in 10 homes here are online, and the national average is five out of 10.

The report was timed to coincide with World Internet Day, which is celebrated in Mexico, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Argentina, Spain, Colombia, Uruguay, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, and other parts of the world each May 17. It is promoted by the Association of Internet Users and by the Internet Society.

Internet Day has been designated by the United Nations to demonstrate the possibilities offered by technology to improve everyone’s standard of living.

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