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Mérida’s Showcase of Homes returns for its 10th tour

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Hundreds of ticket-holders lined up to see Fundación BAI’s 10th Showcase of Homes on Sunday, Nov. 11. Photo: Diario

Mérida, Yucatán — Facades in the historic district are mysterious, revealing little of what’s inside. That’s why hundreds of curious people look forward to an event that lifts the veil on several of the Centro’s private homes.

This rare chance to poke through some of the Centro’s best-looking homes returns for the 10th time when Fundación BAI’s Showcase of Homes presents its big fundraiser.

The self-guided tour raises money for BAI’s AIDS/HIV education and other programs in Yucatán. The nonprofit organization is dedicated to preventing adolescent pregnancies, and supplies rapid HIV tests, along with counseling for people testing positive. It relies completely on private donations.

The show demonstrates the ingenuity of homeowners, architects and designers who have transformed old homes, or vacant lots, into modern, striking dwellings.

The lineup features the work of local architects who have, in many cases, imbued their clients’ homes with old-world charm, contemporary chic or modern design.

“Through the course of 10 editions, we have showcased over 60 unique designs and there are still many more to be discovered by thousands of students, local and expat residents,” said Carlos Cabrera, BAI executive director. “National and international tourists and people who just come for the occasion have enjoyed this event. The only one of its kind in the whole country.”

Most local universities make this tour a mandatory activity for their design and architecture majors.

“With this activity, we are combining altruism with culture, education and promoting several values in our community,” said Cabrera.

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