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Sidewalk replacement project winding down

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Merida sidewalk
Workers are on the job day and night to replace crumbling sidewalks in the Centro. Photo: Sipse

Mérida, Yucatán – The sixteenth and final week of the city’s massive sidewalk replacement program begins today. 

The Public Works Department started work on Mérida sidewalks May 23 and crews are on track to finish as scheduled on Saturday. 

Bus routes will continue normally despite the work.

This week, 2,013 square meters of sidewalks were ripped up and replaced, for a cumulative total of 17,472 square meters of surface space.

There remain only 19 square meters to demolish and rebuild, according to the Public Works Department.

Workers have focused on sidewalks at Calle 50 between 59 and 61, 61 between 58 and 60 and 59 between 72 and 74 and on roads on Calle 59 between 72 and 76.

For the last week, sidewalks will be replaced on Calle 59 between 64 and 68 and 56 between 65 and 65A, and streets will be resurfaced along Calle 61 between 58 and 60 and Calle 59 between 54 and 56.

The project has a budget of 8 million pesos, the result of an agreement signed in December 2015 between the state government and the city.

Poor sidewalks have been an ongoing issue in Mérida. Aside from being free of potholes and cracks, new sidewalks were designed to be skid resistant on rainy days.

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