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Mérida supermarket is first in city to stay open 24 hours

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The Comercial Mexicana supermarket at Gran Plaza has been open 24 hours since March. Photo: Courtesy

Mérida, Yucatán — The Comercial Mexicana at Gran Plaza has become the first 24-hour supermarket in the city.

While convenience stores have stayed open all hours, a full-scale supermarket never operated around-the-clock until this one began in March. 

Except for alcoholic beverages, some meats and fish, everything will be available to load into shopping carts at any time.

The store has posted signs in its aisles to advertise the new hours, but Comercial Mexicana has not invested in an extensive advertising campaign to spread the word, reports Sipse.

The nearest 24-hour supermarket until now was a Walmart in Cancun. But in the White City, not even all nightclubs are allowed to operate past 3 a.m.

Comercial Mexicana is the nation’s third-largest supermarket chain. Founded in 1930, the store originally sold textiles in Mexico City. Today, they are owned by the Soriana organization.

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