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Mérida’s Hotel Olympics: Friendly competition between maids and cooks

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Fiesta Americana in Mérida, Yucatán

Mérida, Yucatán — In this version of the “Olympics,” the athletes are the maids, cooks, bartenders and bellhops.

The VI edition of the Hotel Olympics kicked off Monday, a weeklong competition between around 200 rivals.

“The VI Olimpiadas Hoteleras have the objective of promoting the quality of the services offered by the lodging centers as well as consolidating Yucatan as a competitive state in terms of tourism,” said the Fiesta Americana’s manager, Maripaz Martinez.

She added that it is also a way to strengthen the teamwork among the employees of each of the hotels.

Her team will face challengers from a variety of departments working at the Intercontinental Presidente, Holiday Inn, Fiesta Inn and the Hyatt Regency Mérida.

The first stage of events will include races, with participants timed while making beds, setting tables and preparing food.

A creative bartender once won points for creating the “Uaymitún” cocktail.

Winners are announced on Saturday.

Up the road at the Siglo XXI Convention Center, hotel owners are preparing for the Expo Provetur 2018, reaching hospitality company that want to up their game.

The fourth edition of the event seeks to connect the tourist industry with the latest equipment, technologies and work tools. Hoteliers have commented that guests are increasingly demanding and sophisticated.

Source: Sipse

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