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Mérida’s Noche Blanca 2022 is finally here, and it’s going to be enormous

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Five free buses will help visitors navigate La Noche Blanca in Mérida. Photo: Courtesy

The citywide arts celebration La Noche Blanca has made a comeback, and as if to make up for lost time, an overwhelming schedule of events begins Saturday night and into early Sunday.

Just about every park, gallery, cultural center, and museum in the Centro will be open late. The streets will be packed with visitors crisscrossing the city to take in as much as possible. And it will be impossible to take in everything.

Noche Blanca at the Plaza Grande in 2016. Photo: File

SoHo Galleries has been working with the city to make a standout event. Calle 60, in front of the entrance, will be closed to traffic to create a block party atmosphere.

Six artists will be painting live to the music of mariachis and everyone is invited to contribute their brush strokes to the Mural of Peace.

The evening starts 7:30 at the gallery with music, food, wine, and an exhibition of over 70 pieces representing artists from around the world. Several of the artists will be on hand.

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At 8:30 p.m., an inauguration takes place for the Wall of Peace by the Directora de Desarrollo Artísico y Gestión Cultural de SEDECULTA. Visitors get to collaborate on the mural’s message of peace until midnight. The gallery will supply all the paints and materials. Finished canvases will be donated to Secretaria de Cultura and to Direccion de Cultura.

From 9-9:45 p.m., the runway of artists and public participation in Mural of Peace, takes place to the sounds of live mariachis. Mérida Mayor Renán Barrera is schedule to visit around 10.

Streets are alive for La Noche Blanca. Photo: File

Around the city

Where to begin? La Noche Blanca has about 170 events planned and an interactive list is maintained by the city here.

Perhaps the best strategy is to head to the location you already like the most. Or just start with the nearest park in the Centro for live music and festivities.

The Plaza Grande seems to be ground zero for the most extravagant events. Museums like the Macay and the Palacio Cantón will be open all night with live entertainment, as well. At the Remate of the Paseo de Montejo Auction, a special Noche Mexicana program will feature the Kaambal folk dance company, the Mariachi Alma Mexicana, soloists Lizet Enríquez, Daniel Medina and Reyna Adriana and the special participation of Didier Castilla Y Su Arraigo.

Traffic will be a challenge, so park early and plan to walk. The city is providing five free buses, not enough to rely on. Thirty-two parking lots will stay open late to accommodate visitors.

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