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Merida’s own Montejo beer finally sold north of the border

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Source: Anhueser-Busch
Source: Anhueser-Busch

Montejo beer, a brand with origins in Merida and named for the conquistador who founded the city, is heading north of the border.

In September, Montejo will appear at bars, restaurants and at grocery and convenience stores across the southwest United States. This is the first import from Mexico to the United States by Anheuser-Busch, which now owns the brand and brews it in Oaxaca.

“Mexican beers account for nearly 60 percent of imports, and we are responding to consumer demand for an authentic and distinctly Mexican lager,” said Ryan Garcia, Anheuser-Busch vice president of regional marketing.

Anheuser-Busch will put muscle behind Montejo’s launch in California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas with an integrated advertising and marketing campaign that includes Hispanic targeted radio, digital, print, experiential and outdoor advertising. Los Angeles, Houston and San Antonio residents will also encounter one of Mexico City’s most iconic images – classic VW Beetle “vocho” taxicabs – delivering Montejo samples at various local events and festivals.

In Los Angeles, Montejo will sponsor the Grammy-winning Los Tigres del Norte – a norteño-style ensemble band based in California, which will be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Then, Montejo will be the exclusive beer sponsor of their VIP after-party.

Montejo beer got favorable marks by travel writer Tim Leffel, who compared a wide range of beers from Mexico. “Named after the Spaniard who conquered the Yucatan and left a trail of blood in his wake,” he wrote. “Less dramatic than its name would suggest, but a nice change of pace.”

First introduced in 1960, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of its then-Yucatecan brewery, the light Pisner-type beer was on the Top 5 Mexican beers by Mexicali Fresh Mex Grill. It was bought by Grupo Modelo, Mexico’s largest brewery, in 1979.

Source: CervezaMontejo.comTransitions Abroad

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