Merry-go-round for wheelchairs and a new dinosaur park are nearly ready in Progreso

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Lee Steele
Lee Steele
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A carousel ride for people with disabilities is being installed on Progreso’s malecón. Photo: Courtesy

Yucatán’s top port city is installing a new carousel ride on its boardwalk, but this time it’s designed to be more inclusive.

The merry-go-round has been designed with a ramp and places for wheelchairs, said Progreso Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi.

“Now on the traditional malecón, we will have a new carousel for people with disabilities and for the whole family,” Zacarías Curi wrote on social media. He said the project was “in coordination with private initiative to achieve rehabilitated and inclusive spaces for families from Progreso.”

Progreso’s mayor gets a preview of Chicxulub’s Jurrasic Trail. Photo: Courtesy

Further inland, the Sendero Jurásico, or Jurassic Trail, is getting close to completion.

The park containing lifesize replicas of dinosaurs — a reference to the Chicxulub Crater left by the asteroid that killed them — will be an engaging attraction, the mayor promised.

“I took a tour of the facilities of this theme park, to supervise and fine-tune details of the place that will tell the story that changed the course of life on our planet, more than 66 million years ago,” he posted on his Facebook account.

But for now, although it’s an easy matter to pull over and explore prematurely, the park is officially off-limits to visitors.

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