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Mexican company will invest first $100 million into Progreso ZEE

A step away from the maquila and toward high technology 4.0

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In Yucatan, Progreso’s pier is the world’s largest. Photo: Getty

Progreso, Yucatan — A Mexican company is seeking to invest US$100 million in the port city’s Special Economic Zones (ZEE), said Enrique Huesca Fernandez, a federal official in charge of the program.

The employer offers 3,500 jobs in the next five years, he said. The name of the company and the type of business was not disclosed, but the ZEE has favored high-tech firms.

The firm is going through the formalities before the Ministry of Finance so that it can immediately settle in the first section of Progreso’s emerging business park, said Huesca Fernandez.

He stressed that this investment is very good not only for the state of Yucatan, but for all of Mexico, because the company will position the company as a competitive player in the market.

The Progreso EEZ, Yucatan has a “golden opportunity” to become a power in terms of technological development and scientific innovation at the national level. The economic zone attracts companies with tax credits and other incentives.

Officials expect the EEZ to eventually attract about 500 plants, over US$3 billion in investments and more than 33,000 jobs. Progreso is well-positioned with a deep port suitable for importing and exporting goods.

Employers will need engineers, technicians and programmers.

“In recent years, Yucatan has been dedicated to training this type of professional, which is worth gold for an industry that demands qualified personnel,” he said.

“Many companies have worked for many years on the subject of artificial intelligence, and what we seek is to finalize plans and meet the increasingly pressing requirements of companies in the field of technology,” he added.

One goal is to rely less on the low-skill maquila industry and do more to attract the “4.0 industry” of high technology.

“It’s a natural change and you must take the step,” Huesca Fernandez concluded.

Source: Sipse

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