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Mexico begins campaign to attract more tourists from India

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From left, BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi and Mexican Ambassador to India Melba Pria, winner of the Hindustan Times Game Changer Awards 2017 in Gurgaon, India. Photo: Raajessh Kashyap / Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Mexico is a growing tourist destination. India is a growing tourist sector. And representatives from both countries see a promising future together.

The Mexico Tourism Board has a goal of attracting more than 200,000 Indian tourists by 2022. That’s an ambitious goal considering that in 2016, that number was more like 22,431 travelers.

India is a growing tourist market, expected to grow to about 50 million, and Mexico wants a piece of it, according to a press release from the Mexico Tourism Board.

A campaign, “A World of its Own,” was announced during a joint program held by the Embassy of Mexico in India and the Mexico Tourism Board.

“We are happy that over the years, we’ve seen a steady growth in Indian tourists and are confident that this trend will continue,” said Melba Pria, Ambassador of Mexico in India. “We are delighted to target outbound tourists from India by focusing on the vibrant, multi-faceted experiences that keep visitors coming back to Mexico and its hundreds of destinations, time and again.”

The new campaign will showcase Mexico as a destination that awakens “the drive to explore, imagine, and feel.” It will highlight the sheer scale and diversity of Mexico’s tourism offerings.

“Travelers from all over the world have recognized Mexico as being one of the most welcoming and friendliest places to visit,” said Guillermo Eguiarte, Regional Director—Mexico Tourism Board. “Mexico’s sustained, fast growth is a testament to the incredible quality and diversity in the tourism offering and the hard work for the entire industry, both internationally and domestically.”

Receiving 35 million visitors last year, Mexico is the eighth most popular tourism destination, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

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