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Mexico repeatedly proved wrong about COVID-19’s peak

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Crematorium workers burn the coffins of COVID-19 victims Wednesday after they have been cremated at the San Nicolas Tolentino cemetery in the Iztapalapa neighborhood of Mexico City. AP Photo: Marco Ugarte

Mexico reached its second-highest number of daily fatalities since the coronavirus pandemic began, confirming 947 deaths Wednesday. The highest daily toll came June 3 with 1,092 deaths.

Health officials said the country has seen a total of 24,324 COVID-19 deaths so far.

The caseload has increased by about 5,000 each day in the last two weeks, and the total now stands at 186,847, including 5,437 on Wednesday.

The numbers are widely thought to be an an undercount given Mexico’s very low rate of testing.

Mexican officials have repeatedly predicted the peak of the pandemic had been reached or would do so soon, only to be proved wrong, The Associated Press has noted.

The Health Department’s epidemiology director, José Luis Alomía, used almost comically couched language Wednesday, saying the country is on “a slight tendency that may insinuate a descent” in infections.

Planned reopenings of theaters and concert halls have been delayed. The Arena Mexico announced Wednesday that it will start drive-in movie screenings starting July 4. Like in the U.S., drive-ins evoke nostalgia because most of them closed years ago.

Source: The Associated Press

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