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At No. 6, Mexico rises in world tourism rankings

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Coming in at No. 6, Mexico rose two places in the world ranking for international tourism in 2017, the United Nations’ World Tourism Organization announced.

After being in eighth place in 2016, with 35.1 million international tourists, Mexico’s numbers in 2017 grew by 12 percent with 39.3 million.

France leads the world in international tourism, according to the OMT Panorama of International Tourism 2017. It counted 86.9 million foreign tourists. That is followed by Spain, with 81.8 million, and the United States, with 75.9 million. China is in fourth place with 60.7 million and Italy in fifth place with 58.3 million. After Mexico is the U.K., Turkey, Germany and Thailand.

But Mexico failed to fall into the top 10 for earning revenue from those tourists.

The United States maintained its first-place ranking in international tourism revenue in 2017, registering US$210.7 billion; Spain is second place with US$68 billion and France stayed at third place with US$60.7 billion in foreign-tourist revenue. That was followed by Thailand, the U.K., Australia, Germany, Macao (China) and Japan.

A earlier survey, a readers’ poll from Travel & Leisure magazine, places Yucatán’s capital in an elite list of Top 5 Mexican destinations.

Mérida is No. 4 in a list led by San Miguel de Allende, followed by Oaxaca and Mexico City. Scoring just behind the White City is Guadalajara.

Despite the political climate, “our southern neighbor never ceases to fascinate travelers,” T&L writes.

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