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Mexico threatens lawsuit, extradition after mass shooting in El Paso

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A vigil in Juarez, Mexico, on Saturday, follows a mass shooting across the U.S. border at an El Paso shopping-complex. Photo: Associated Press

Mexico is considering legal action against the United States in response to the mass shooting in El Paso, Texas.

Six Mexican nationals were among the 20 killed and seven others were injured in what the Mexican government is calling a terrorist act.

Foreign secretary Marcelo Ebrard called the El Paso shooting “unacceptable.” He also said the Mexican government will look into evidence to extradite the gunman, who is in U.S. custody.

“Mexico expresses its deepest rejection and condemnation towards this barbaric act where innocent Mexicans lost their lives,” Ebrard said in a video posted on his Twitter account. “What happened is inadmissible, and I’ll be announcing the first legal steps we’ve taken in accordance with international law.”

Authorities also are investigating a racist and rambling document they believe the suspect posted on 8chan before the shooting. The manifesto is filled with white supremacist language, blaming immigrants and first-generation Americans for taking away jobs.

Tens of thousands of Mexicans legally cross the border daily to work and shop in El Paso. The county is more than 80% Latino, according to census data.

The Mexican victims were identified as Sara Esther Regalado of Ciudad Juarez; Adolfo Cerros Hernández of the Ciudad Aguascalientes; Jorge Calvillo García of Torreon, Coahuila; Elsa Mendoza de la Mora of Yepomera, Chihuahua; Gloria Irma Marquez of Ciudad Juarez; and María Eugenia Legarreta Rothe of Ciudad Chihuahua.

One survivor had traveled to El Paso from Mexico to buy school supplies for his daughter, according to The Associated Press.

Sources: CNN, Associated Press

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