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Monday, December 5, 2022

Mexico’s ‘Internet for Everyone’ program reaches Yucatán

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Illustration: Internet para Todos

Yucatán state authorities have begun measuring Internet and cellphone coverage to prepare for a presidential program that aims to bring connectivity to everyone in Mexico by 2022.

The Federal Electricity Commission announced an investment of 11 billion pesos (about US$550 million) for the “Internet para Todos” program. The CFE will install 200,000 free-internet access points in Mexico and extend broadband service to some 130,000 locations.

Nearly 57% of all Meridanos have Internet access, compared with an average of 31.2% across the state. Just over 79% have conventional telephone service at home and 80% have mobile phones.

An estimated 36% of households in Yucatán have at least one computer but only 12.5% ​​have broadband access.

Yucatán’s communications ministry will first focus on Xbohom, Tizimín; San José, Buctzotz; Tepakán and Kantirix, in Tepakán; Xocchel and Nachi Cocom in the municipality of Yaxcabá; San Diego, Cuncunul; Sahe, Tixpéhual; Yaxhá, Tunkás; and Dzi in the municipality of Tzucacab and Cuch Holoch and Cepeda, in Halachado.

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