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Millions spent on Mother’s Day gifts

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A ceremony on Mother's Day is traditional at Monumento a la Madre in Centro. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
A ceremony on Mother’s Day is traditional at the Monument to the Mother in Centro. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Robust Mother’s Day sales were reported by the Chamber of Commerce with businesses estimating a combined 1.5 million pesos in retail transactions throughout Yucatán state.

Clothing accessories, footwear, cosmetics, cell phones, electronics and home appliances were the most popular items flying off the shelves.

In the morning the traditional tribute was held at the Monument to the Mother in the Parque de la Madre, organized by the League of Social Action and with the participation of the Orquesta Típica Yukalpetén, which played pieces like “Hymn to the Mother,” “Prayer to the Mother” and “Only You.”

State and municipal officials, and students from several schools, brought bouquets and wreaths to the statue in the shadow of the Church of the Third Order. The marble statue was built in 1909 on the initiative of the League of Social Action.

Source: Diario de Yucatán

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