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Modern Maya motherhood: Dancing with baby on board

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A group of Maya artisans have created Kuuch Nené, which creates fashionable cargadores ergonómicos for parents who want to hold their babies near while enjoying freedom of movement.

To promote them, they created something else: A group called “Mothers Love.”

The group encourages mothers to exercise without having to separate from their children. Testing the limits of the baby holders, the moms complete “baby-dance” classes with their babies on board.

Kuuch Nené was created more than a year ago by Astrid Ceballos Cantón, who said her baby carriers are in demand.

Not just for dancing, the ergonomic carriers let mothers (or fathers) carry their babies from place to place, or while doing chores at home.

The business idea of ​​the kuuch, a term that in Maya means “to carry,” supports six Mayan artisans who weave them with hammock thread and typical embroidery. They are said to be easier on one’s back or hips than competing baby carriers.

And they’re ideal for dancing.

Kuuch Nené holds bailando y porteando (dancing and carrying) classes and other workshops to meet the expectations of the “modern, empowered and concerned woman in the care of children.”

Dancing with babies is an activity that serves a double purpose: that mothers do not forget their identity and can live with other mothers, and not sacrifice physical closeness with their children.

The director of Mothers Love, Maria Fernanda Capetillo Morales, said they are the only site in Mérida that does this.

Of the 12 mothers who usually attend the sessions, Ethel Hadit Cabrera Cauich said that upon learning about the class and the possibility of taking her baby, the activity seemed interesting because it allows her to socialize with her little one and other people.

Both Mothers Love and Kuuch Nené seek to expand to other municipalities on the peninsula.

Source: El Universal

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