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Friday, July 1, 2022

More doses arrive for Yucatán to continue vaccine campaign

First- and second-line health care workers still ahead of the line

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A Mexican military plane deployed more vaccines to Yucatán on Wednesday. Photo: Courtesy

A second shipment of coronavirus vaccines arrived Wednesday in Yucatán, allowing a campaign to protect health care workers from infection.

The 2,925 new doses are allocated first for Yucatán’s first- and second-line health personnel in 16 hospitals and clinics. The first shipment contained 9,750 doses. Each recipient of the vaccination requires two doses for the Pfizer shots to be effective.

The precious cargo arrived at 12:08 p.m. at Military Air Base Number 8 aboard a Spartan C-27J aircraft from Mexico City.

Yucatán’s Secretary of Health Mauricio Sauri Vivas was on hand, accompanied by the commander of the X Military Region, Major General Víctor Hugo Aguirre Serna; and the State Coordinator for COVID-19 Vaccination, Lieutenant Commander Carlos Gómez Montes de Oca.

An estimated 27,300 doses will arrive before February, government officials have said.

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