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More mistakes you should avoid when furnishing your home in Mexico

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Sheryl Novak
Sheryl Novakhttps://www.solutionsmexico.com/
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Some sensible advice on buying furniture in another country. Photo: Courtesy

Last week, I wrote about common mistakes people make when trying to purchase furniture for their homes in Mexico.

Thank you to all of you who contacted me with your positive feedback — it is clear this is a topic that is of great interest to many people. I hope my tips and experience help you to avoid these all-too-common errors that end up costing stress and extra money.

It is not easy to furnish a place in your home country, never mind a foreign country, especially if you are doing so in a tight timeframe.

So far, I have written about two common mistakes:

  1. Not allowing enough time — one week is not enough.
  2. Not setting a realistic budget — the average amount spent on furnishing a two-bedroom with the style and quality most preferred, is in the US$20,000 to $25,000 range.

Let’s continue with some other mistakes that, when avoided, will save you headaches and hassle.

  1. Buying for looks instead of buying for quality. Sure, it is essential to love how it looks. The style and the colors are a crucial part of the equation. But it is equally important to make sure the item is made from the right materials and with the proper manufacturing processes. Sadly, we have all heard from people who purchased what they thought was a beautiful leather sofa or sectional at a big box store only to see it cracking and peeling within a few months. Or people who purchased a bedroom set from a local department store and it was enjoyed more by the termites than their rental guests. Don’t ignore what is under that beautiful exterior. Ask for details. If you do not get a satisfactory answer, walk away.
  2. Buying furniture you won’t use. Do you need that indoor dining room set for four or six people? Most people prefer to eat outside, so they rarely use an indoor dining room. Instead of putting money towards something that will be seldom used, invest in better quality outdoor furniture that will last. Do you only have company staying with you four weeks a year? Make your second bedroom usable the other 48 weeks. With a comfortable sofa bed or a wall bed/Murphy bed, you will be able to use that room as a den or office.
  3. Not measuring doors and elevators to make sure the furniture you purchased will fit. Sounds like a no-brainer but you would be amazed at how often this happens. A lot of stores here are not accommodating when it comes to returns of furniture so always make sure you can get it in the building and in the room before you hand them your credit card!

There’s more! Next week, check out this space for even more common mistakes people make when buying furniture in Mexico.

Questions or want advice about furnishing your home in Mexico? Contact me at furniture@solutionsmexico.com.

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