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Motorcycle monument honors Yucatán’s biker brotherhood

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A monument to motorcyclists is unveiled in Altabrisa. Photo: Facebook

Mérida, YucatánAs promised, a Monument to the Motorcyclist in Yucatán was unveiled in memory of the thousands of bikers who have lost their lives on the road.

In front of a sculpture of a henequen plant enveloping a motorcycle, a plaque invokes the “memory of deceased biker brothers.”

A ceremony Saturday was attended by numerous local motorcycle clubs and city officials.

The monument, called “El Henequén,” consists of a foundation that suggests a Mayan structure. The sisal plant on top represents the Peninsula’s more recent “oro verde,” the “green gold” that brought prosperity to the region.

The monument was erected in the Altabrisa neighborhood, next to the Hospital Regional de Alta Especialidad.

Fredy Cetina, president of one of the motorcycle clubs, said that number of fatal motorcycle accidents in Yucatán continues to grow along with the vehicle’s popularity.

“That’s why we encourage motorcyclists to wear helmets, gloves, jackets … these accessories may not save us from the accident, but they protect us,” he said.

Last year, Yucatán saw 77 motorcycle deaths. This year there are already more than 30, he said.

Not all motorcyclists are Easy Riders. Many are working as messengers or delivery personnel, or commuting to their job sites.

“These people are the most vulnerable,” said Cetina.

He told a reporter that 10 years ago, bicycles dominated Yucatán. But now one visits any town and sees “pure motorcycle.”

About 1,500 people ride motorcycles recreationally and 170,000 of them are used for work.

“For us, the bike is like a steel horse, it is the feeling of freedom, feeling the air, living together,” said Cetina.

The monument is the result of collaboration and financing from motorcycle enthusiasts.

Motorcycle-themed events are planned at the site on Tuesday, May 8 and Saturday, May 12.

Source: Diario de Yucatán

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