Moving Merida airport closer to the coast seen as viable, beneficial

Moving airport north would be an economic boon for the south, says former manager

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Merida, Yucatan — Reviving a years-old debate, a former airport director said that moving the city’s international terminal out of the city would have several advantages.

Considering land somewhere between Merida’s northeast border and Telchac Puerto, would help the economy of the city’s less prosperous south, Alfonso Pereira Palomo told Punto Medio.

The Manuel Crescencio Rejón Airport is underutilized, he said, and moving the airport is a viable option.

The sale of the existing airport land could finance a new airport and avoid debt, he proposed.

It would also land travelers closer to the more prosperous and growing northern coastal points.

“The new airport could be located in the coastal area, where the tourist development is taking place, between Progreso and Telchac,” said the businessman.

“I consider that today the city has grown at an accelerated pace and in a disorganized way, and an eventual change in the location of the airport could contribute to the social inequality between the Merida of the north and the south,” said Pereira Palomo. “A work of this magnitude could take a state government just over two years to materialize.”

The airport has been in constant renovation and growth mode.

The airport was remodeled in 2016, when the international arrivals space was doubled inside. A vastly more welcoming immigration, baggage claim and customs area was also unveiled.

Investment continues outside the terminal as well. At the airport’s entrance, a complex with two eight-story hotels, shopping and rental car stations are under construction.

Source: Punto Medio

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