Movistar pushes the last of its 2G customers to the 21st century, starting in Merida

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The old 2G service is coming to an end in Mexico, starting with Merida accounts. Photo: Sipse

If your smartphone is still on the old 2G network, prepare for a switchover, especially if you’re in Merida.

Telephone company Movistar announced that its accelerated migration of the 2G network to 3G and LTE networks will begin March 31 in Yucatan’s capital.

The rolling upgrades will continue throughout Mexico, ending on Sept. 30, 2020, in Mexico City.

The Madrid-based company stated that prior to the start of each phase, it will carry out campaigns to inform customers of 3G and LTE benefits. Customers will also receive promotions for the faster data service.

Data transmission on a 2G network is only 170 kbps, while 3G networks the downloading speed can go up to 42 mbps (or 43,000 kbps).

AT&T is also discontinuing its 2G network in the coming months, freeing up the spectrum for even faster 4G LTE service.

The companies say that fewer than 1 percent of customers still use 2G service. Only the second-generation of data networking since its inception, 2G has handled texts, data and voicemail since 1991.

Newer networks are faster and offer more up-to-date features such as location services and fluid internet browsing and the ability to make financial transactions.

(With information from Notimex)

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