Mural replaces graffiti on city street corner

Punto Medio's video shows a mural in progress south of the city.
Punto Medio’s video shows a mural in progress south of the city.

Mérida, Yucatán — The muralist Alonso “Tozko” Maza, director of the Karme Korp gallery in Santa Lucia, has gone several blocks to the south to create his latest work.

Painting over a bare wall that until now was a canvas only to graffiti artists, Maza brought bright color and a touch of whimsy to the corner of 87 and 56. The art, which features a depiction of the Virgin of Guadalupe, was sponsored by the publishing house Punto Medio.

The publication’s cartoonist, known as Rulo’s Bar, collaborated on the design.

Since 2003, Maza has been working in folk and UFO-themed art. He has toured around the country and abroad, as far Switzerland, France and England.

Today, he owns the company Folkypots and is director of the Karme Korp gallery, on Calle 58 and 54, a space for young talents to gain exposure.

Maza defined himself as a multidisciplinary artist who specializes in large-format interactive installations, experimental sculpture, industrial design, visual communication design, painting, curatorial drawing and museography.

He has received awards for art with titles that translate as “Morning Dreams of a Chameleon in Front of the TV,” Joaquín Clausell Biennial Selection (Campeche, 2003); “Fausto y El Amor, memoria 1,” first place in the installation category of the Second National Biennial of Yucatán (2004); “Electro Domestique People,” scholarship of the State Fund for Culture and Arts of Yucatan; “The False Suicide of the Yellow Star Cat,” from the First Biennial of Young Art and trajectory (2008), and “El Fanto Verde,” from the Fifth National Biennial of Yucatán (2011), of the Arts Center Merida Yucatan.

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