Murdered photographer’s housemate found guilty, sentenced to 40 years in prison

Family satisfied with verdict nearly a year after gruesome discovery in Chelem dump

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Luis Abraham González Contreras. Photo: Progreso Hoy

The housemate of Mérida photographer, whose burned and dismembered body was found in a Chelem Puerto garbage dump, has been sentenced to 40 years in prison for his murder.

Alejandro Lopez Geded quickly confessed to bludgeoning Luis Abraham González Contreras, 31, with a hammer, then attempting to make the body unidentifiable though mutilation and burning.

González Contreras, 31, who specialized in wedding photography, had been missing since Dec. 19, 2017, but his body was found 10 days later. Fingerprints determined the victim’s identity.

Aside from the jail term, Lopez Geded was fined 1.5 million pesos in damages, and El Tribunal Primero de Juicio Oral ordered him to reimburse the family their funeral expenses.

Friends and family of the victim expressed satisfaction with the punishment, according to Sipse, whose reporter was in the courtroom during sentencing.

The photographer was last seen alive on Dec. 18, having dinner with his family.

The murder was premeditated. Lopez Geded had purchased the weapons and tools to conceal the body after being ordered out of the house.

Progreso Hoy said the suspect had been expelled from his parents’ home as well as his grandmother’s.

Two years earlier, Luis González and Lopez Geded had agreed to split expenses at the victim’s rented home. Lopez Geded was a boxing instructor at the victim’s gym in Plaza Altabrisa.

Source: Sipse

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