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Museum site prepares for election debate onslaught

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The Gran Museo del Mundo Maya in Mérida hosts the final debate of the presidential race. Photo: Loco Gringo

Mérida, Yucatán — More than 1,000 guests are expected at the third and final debate among the nation’s presidential candidates on Tuesday.

The public has submitted 11,388 questions via social media for organizers to choose from, said Fernando Balmes Pérez, local president of INE, the election oversight board.

The theme of the third debate will be the economy and development, presented in three blocks. The first will focus on economic growth, poverty and inequality. The second will be education, science and technology. The final one will touch on the themes of health, sustainable development and climate change.

The INE president indicated that candidates will rehearse at Gran Museo del Mundo Maya on Monday. Jaime”El Bronco” Rodríguez Calderón will get museum access for an hour starting at noon, followed by José Antonio Meade at 2, Andrés Manuel López Obrador at 4, and Ricardo Anaya Cortés after that at 6. The order was chosen at random.

On the day of the debate, Calderón will arrive at the venue at 7:40 pm; at 7:50 p.m, it will be Meade’s turn; at 8 p.m., López Obrador will arrive, followed by Ricardo Anaya at 8:10 p.m.

Then begin the blocks: Each will start with a one-minute introduction by one of the moderators and will be divided into two segments.

After the introduction, candidates must answer a question chosen by the moderators.

In the first segment, each candidate will have a time slot of two and a half minutes to answer.
In the second segment, from a question of social networks there will be a discussion that will last 10 minutes.

The dynamics of the free discussion will be similar to the first debate: each candidate has a two-minute span that he can administer as he wishes. The only condition is that no intervention alone can last more than a minute.

The INE has announced this Monday that Ricardo Anaya will open and close the debate in Mérida.

The candidates will only know the topics that will be discussed, not the questions. The questions will be personalized for each candidate.

The Technological Institute and Higher Education and the Universidad Veracruzana, through its social network laboratories, are responsible for selecting the questions that Gabriela Warketin, Leonardo Curzio and Carlos Puig will deliver at the museum.

The estimated two-hour debate will be broadcast live, starting at 9 p.m. Tuesday. The INE will also broadcast it on their social networks: TwitterFacebook and YouTube.

The debate is being promoted with videos in Mayan and Spanish, and the Mayan museum will get broad exposure in the process.

Guests and journalists will receive accreditations starting Sunday.

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