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Music Palace abandons free-admission policy, but what you pay depends on who you are

Running the museum is too costly to be free, says official

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The Music Palace in Merida, Yucatan, opened in 2018. Photo: Courtesy

Merida, Yucatan — The Palacio de la Música, which has granted the public free admission since it opened last June, now costs 150 pesos to get in.

Tickets are a little less for nationals, who now pay 100 pesos. Residents of Yucatan, with an INE or driver’s licence, pay 50 pesos starting May 17.

The sliding admission scale continues for elderly, disabled and children, who pay 25 pesos. For school trips, admission is still free.

“Since the museum opened on June 25 of last year we have received more than 60,000 people with free entry, and it is necessary to charge a price to face many expenses such as maintenance,” said Adele Urban Flores, coordinator of artistic activities.

On the last free day, 644 visitors enjoyed the museum, which has tactile and interactive exhibits, all of which demand expensive upkeep.

Aside from tours and live performances, the four-story museum is a research, training and preservation center, unique in Latin America.

Built by the previous state administration, the Music Palace was built on the site of the former state legislature, surrounded by some of the Centro’s most historic sites such as the Church of the Third Order and the Teatro Peon Contreras.

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