Natural gas lines to reach 15,000 customers in Merida

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Natural gas lines are increasing in Yucatan. Photo: Courtesy

In Merida, cooking with gas has required keeping a tank filled with propane. That is starting to change.

With an investment of 600 million pesos, construction work will begin on a residential natural gas distribution network, reporters were told at a press conference.

Infrastructure work is being undertaken by firms affiliated with the Mexican Chamber of Yucatan Construction Industry, said the Mi Gas Natural company. Local workers will be given priority when jobs are assigned, said a company spokesman, Mauricio Ceballos Pantoja.

The 17-kilometer pipeline expansion will run from an existing line that supplies industrial plants in Hunucmá

“Today it is an indisputable reality that natural gas is a fundamental element for industrial production,” Ceballos Pantoja said. “However, in our company we are convinced of its importance as a safe and sustainable source of energy for Yucatecan households.”

In the final day of activities at Expo Construcción Yucatán 2019, and with Mérida Renán Barrera Concha and the state leader of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC), Raúl Aguilar Baqueiro, he told reporters that the natural gas distribution project is based on a 38-kilometer trunk line that enters Mérida in the western area of ​​Ciudad Caucel, It surrounds the city to the north and culminates to the east.

The pipeline and its different connecting branches are intended to reach more than 15,000 homes and businesses.

Natural gas is more economical than propane or electricity. Consumers will save up to 40 percent on their bills, he said.

Source: Sipse

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