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Near Valladolid, more hotels, shops and tourist attractions

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Officials tour Hotel Country Valladolid, a tourist accommodation center with 50 suites. Photo: Courtesy

Aside from a privately owned theme park already underway, Yucatán’s state government announced 1.5 billion pesos would be invested by 17 companies in various tourism, retail, restaurant and real estate projects.

The announcement focused on the eastern side of Yucatán, toward Quintana Roo border.

Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal said they will generate more than 4,800 direct and indirect jobs. Among them:

  • Hotels, a 36-million-peso ecotourism park, a 16-million-peso recreational park with a zoo, a 106-lot residential project and an Italian restaurant
  • Five real estate ventures in Valladolid from Grupo Alves
  • A sustainable tourism project by Cenote Mukul
  • 111 new apartments with swimming pools, “wellness areas” and tennis courts by Zayanna
  • A Plaza Santo Secreto shopping center

The projects were presented as evidence that officials are committed to creating jobs across Yucatán, not just in the state’s capital.

“With the grain of sand that you’re putting in today as investors and the grain of sand that we’re putting in as the government, Yucatán could be a tourism powerhouse in the next 10 years,” Vila said.

Source: Sipse

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