Netflix reality show will feature expats in Mexico

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“Made in Mexico” debuts on Netflix in September. Photo: Courtesy

We always thought expats would be good fodder for a reality show. We even joked about it here, only to see it get real on YouTube.

Now, Netflix is preparing to release “Made in Mexico,” which follows two U.S.-born expats, in addition to some wealthy socialites.

Launching globally Sept. 28, the new show is set in Mexico City.

In a city where legacy means everything, the cast members will seek to claim their spots among the city’s exclusive social order, reads the show synopsis.

The cast includes Pepe Diaz, a businessman and nightclub owner, Kitzia Mitre, a fashion designer, and her brother-in-law, Roby Checa.

The two expats involved are American lifestyle blogger Chantal Trujillo and food blogger Liz Woodburn.

TV personalities Carlos Giron Longoria and Shanik Aspe, along with fashion model Columba Diaz, and politician and philanthropist Hanna Jaff round out the cast.

Love Productions USA is producing the show. Richard McKerrow, Kevin Bartel and Brandon Panaligan are executive producing and Lauren Volonakis and Matthew Moul are co-executive producing. The show will be streamed in Spanish.

Love USA is the L.A. division of the U.K. media production company owned by Sky, which has a current slate of unscripted series on four continents.

Netflix has previously greenlit Mexican-based Monarca from Salma Hayek and has shifted the reset fourth season of Narcos to Mexico, among other Mexican-based scripted series that are in the works.

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