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New administrator chosen to run Merida English Library

Adriana Medina 'brings experience and great energy to the library'

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Adriana Media has been hired to be the Merida English Library’s new administrator. Photo: Courtesy

Merida, Yucatan — The Merida English Library board has selected a new administrator to take over for Susanna McKibben, whose last day is Saturday, Feb. 23.

The new hire, Adriana Medina, “brings experience and great energy to the library and we are so happy to have her on board!” this morning’s MEL newsletter announces. Medina has already begun training.

Medina was born in Merida and raised in Miami, where she graduated from Florida International University with a B.A. in psychology. She is currently a non-resident doctoral student at Clark University with a research focus on violence against women, according to the newsletter.

She also lists years of experience in the tourism and hospitality field.

“She is a life-long lover of writing and literature who is excited to start a new life in her old hometown as part of the MEL family,” the newsletter says.

After more than four years. McKibben has chosen to spend more time with her baby daughter, said the MEL board president, Greg Casini.

Being administrator is a big responsibility. The job description demands that she “coordinates and develops MEL programs to promote membership growth and expand involvement of children, young adults, students and adults, both Spanish and English-speaking,” and “coordinates internship and community service programs, and supervises interns and student participants.”

The administrator also recruits, trains, schedules, and supervises volunteers and supports committees in tasks such as fund-raising and collections, all in a 28-hour work week.

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