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New archbishop softens tone on gay issues

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Mons. Gustavo Rodríguez Vega
Mons. Gustavo Rodríguez Vega

Mérida, Yucatán —Although he has previously said that he would rather go to jail than bless a gay marriage, homosexuals “are also children of God,” said the new Archbishop of Yucatán, Mgr. Gustavo Rodriguez Vega. But he did not specify the church’s position on its role in a country that is opening up to same-sex weddings.

During his first visit to the Cathedral of San Ildefonso, Rodriguez Vega he said his ministry would work for everyone. When asked by a reporter if this includes homosexuals, he replied (quote translated): “They are also children of God, are also our brothers and of course we can not exclude anyone. God does not exclude anybody, we should not exclude absolutely anyone.”

He continued, “…the Church will continue, must continue talking about marriage for what it is: The union of a man and a woman and in order to bear children.”

Asked about statements he made some years ago saying that drug traffickers are not so bad, he said that “in every human being there is always the possibility of good.”

With regard to joining the Cathedral this morning, he said:

“Upon entering I felt very loved by God, because it is a real privilege.” He marveled at how its sobering architecture conveys deep spirituality.

The Cathedral holds a special place in the history of Catholicism. In the Americas, it was the first cathedral to be finished on the mainland when construction concluded in 1598.


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