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Friday, July 1, 2022

New coronavirus cases fall by half in 24 hours

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Dr. Patricia Muñoz Miranda, leader of the Program against Respiratory Diseases of Yucatán, delivers Sunday’s coronavirus briefing. Photo: Facebook Live

Sunday’s new coronavirus infections totaled 102, half the number reported the previous 24 hours, while nearly 300 patients were declared recovered.

Additionally, hospitalizations fell dramatically a third straight day.

That was the end of the good news in the Yucatan health ministry’s briefing.

Another 16 men and 10 women died from COVID-19, Yucatan health authorities reported. The deceased ranged in age from 30 to 94. Of the fatalities, 14 were from Merida and one was listed as a foreigner.

The state has reported 11,643 coronavirus cases and 1,431 deaths since the pandemic reached Yucatan in March. The real numbers are likely far more extensive than official figures reflect, so authorities urge citizens to continue safety protocols.

The ban on alcohol sales, maritime traffic and private cars on the road at night remains in force until at least Saturday.

At midweek, 632 coronavirus patients were crowding Yucatan’s hospital. On Sunday, the number was at 512, down 30 from the previous day. The remaining 368 current patients are recovering at home, said

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