New gas plant promises energy savings to businesses

A new gas plant in Uman is open for business. Photo: Flickr

Mérida, Yucatán — With an investment of 25 million USD, or about 462 million pesos, Energía Natural Peninsular announced Wednesday the opening of a natural gas plant in Uman.

A ceremonial opening is scheduled today with the arrival of the federal Energy Secretary Pedro Joaquín Coldwell.

The plant, funded by its French parent company Engie Mexico and its subsidiary Virtual Pipelines Mexico.

The plant will generate 50 direct jobs and distribute gas to businesses on the peninsula starting next week. It will be the hub of a network of 14 service stations serving a wide range of clients in the manufacturing, transportation and tourist industries.

The chairman of Engie’s board of directors, Philippe Delmontte, explained that the company will promote the use of natural gas in the transport, industry, commerce and hotel industry of the peninsular region. Engie is the No. 1 one company in Europe in the management and supply of natural gas, and this is its first such plant in Mexico.

Using natural gas, he said, will allow factories to save up to 40 percent in energy costs.

Sources: Sipse, El Financiero

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