Coronavirus patients resist contact tracing, Yucatan governor complains

Warning that the coronavirus will be part of our lives into 2021, Yucatan Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal said an improvement plan addressing public transportation will be announced in the coming days. He also implored the public to cooperate with efforts to trace others who could have contracted COVID-19 from others.

The governor’s video, released on social media, acknowledged that infection rates and hospital admissions have slightly declined, but Vila Dosal urged citizens not to lower their guard. He did not say if current curfews and alcohol sales bans would continue past Saturday.

“This is good news. But it must be emphasized that it is a slight improvement and it is … a warning and a call that we have to continue improving and continue to reinforce measures such as the correct use of face masks, covering nose and mouth; maintain a healthy distance; hand washing, and those with symptoms should isolate themselves and call 800-YUCATAN. In case of breathing problems, call 911 to receive immediate medical attention,” said Vila Dosal.

Vila Dosal assured that public hospitals are packed. The Benito Juarez IMSS hospital, for example, is at 91% capacity, he said.

The public has resisted cooperating with contact tracing efforts, Vila Dosal said. Only 17% of all coronavirus patients have agreed to provide names of their last contacts. Those who do cooperate provide an average of just two names, he said.

“If people do not collaborate, we will not be able to meet our goals of breaking chains of new infections to defeat the pandemic. We need them to help us with giving us the maximum number of possible names of their last contacts to notify and guide them and, where appropriate, treat them medically,” said Vila Dosal.

Despite advances in vaccine testing, the pandemic will probably continue for the remainder of the year and very likely into much of 2021, he said.

“It is necessary to commit ourselves to individual responsibility by applying hygiene and protection measures to protect the health and life of all because the pandemic will be going on for a long time and only if we all collaborate will we get ahead of this enormous and historic challenge. Let us be responsible and move forward, always united, as one,” concluded the governor.

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