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News vendors find their racks gone overnight

Megamedia titles apparently targeted across Merida

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News vendors’ sales stands were missing this morning on Avenida Garcia Lavin. Photo: Diario de Yucatan

Merida, Yucatan — Vendors who make their living selling papers to commuters backed up on Avenida García Lavín got a very upsetting news flash this morning.

Their news racks were missing. Their counterparts throughout the city reported the same thing.

Five racks for Diario de Yucatán and two for Publimetro were taken.

The apparent theft was reported to police. So far, the victims and authorities have no clues as to why hawkers for Diario de Yucatán and Publimetro were targeted.

The points of sale were “disappeared” at the intersection of García Lavín and Calle 25; Col. Montebello, in front of the Ateneo School; Calle 33, in front of Galeries El Triunfo; Avenida Cámara de Comercio, Col. Sol Campestre, at the El Pocito roundabout and at the junction of 28 and Avenida de Comercio, opposite the traffic light.

Grupo Megamedia’s administrative staff said they will complain to authorities and press for a criminal investigation.

Megamedia, which publishes Diario and has local distribution rights to the Merida edition of Publimetro, shook up the newspaper scene last August when they introduced the latter, a free tabloid. Diario reported that state police security cameras likely captured incriminating evidence.

Megamedia’s historic flagship, the broadsheet Diario de Yucatán, is sold on newsstands for 10 pesos. Six-peso tabloid Milenio Novedades was converted into a broadsheet in December and renamed Novedades Yucatan. Another tabloid, Por Esto!, sells for 8 pesos.

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