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Newsstand mars view of Cathedral

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A newsstand has appeared in front of the Mérida's historic Cathedral opposite the Plaza Grande. Photo: El Grillo
A newsstand has been erected in front of the Mérida’s historic Cathedral opposite the Plaza Grande. Photo: El Grillo

Mérida, Yucatán — Stand in front of city’s iconic Cathedral today and it’s hard to avoid seeing something partially blocking it: a big black newsstand, selling newspapers and souvenirs from the sidewalk.

Horrendo,” declares El Grillo, about news rival Diario de Yucatán’s metal structure, which would be difficult to crop from any photos taken of the holy space.

The house of worship was built on Mayan ruins and opened in 1598, making it the first Cathedral on the mainland of the Americas.

Domestic and foreign visitors did not hide their annoyance, said El Grillo, quoting a man from Tijuana who wanted to take for his wife a nice portrait of the colossal church, but decided a photo could no longer capture the imposing and sober structure as it once was.

The newsstand was erected in the last weeks of the prior municipal administration, and El Grillo hints that only publications sympathetic to the ruling political party are offered for sale at this newsstand.

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