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Next Uber rival in Yucatan for women only

For an atmosphere of safety, women will drive for women only with no men allowed

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Merida, Yucatan — Worried about their safety when traveling, women will have a new choice when hailing a ride.

Cars from Üibi (pronounced “weebee”) will staffed and hired exclusively by females.

For now, the Merida, Yucatan-based company is in recruitment mode. Potential drivers can sign up here.

The company is committed to a mobility model exclusively for women. “In this way, the passengers can feel more comfortable than in other transport systems knowing that in front of the wheel is another woman with the same need for reliable and safe service,” according to their press release. “For their part, the drivers can see profits without exposing themselves to the dangers that conventional options entail.”

The service is similar to Laudrive, which launched in Mexico City two years ago.

According to data from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (STPS) and the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), women are only 15 percent of the transportation labor force.

Safety for women traveling alone has been an ongoing concern.

Some platforms have added a panic button to their apps so passengers can alert authorities in a crisis. That came after the death of a 19-year-old university student in Puebla at the hands of a Cabify driver.

University student Mara Fernanda Castilla, 19, went missing after riding in a car hailed by Cabify.

A start date was not announced.

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