No COVID deaths for 24 hours, Yucatan doctors report

Timeline traces rise of coronavirus in Mexico and Yucatan

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For the first time since April 29 — or 169 days — Yucatan reported zero COVID-19 deaths in a 24-hour period.

The news was dampened by the state health department’s other bulletin: 107 new coronavirus infections, higher than last week’s average of 74. Daily new cases have been as high as 123 on Wednesday and as low as 50 the previous Saturday.

Total infections in Yucatan are quickly approaching 20,000, with an 83% recovery rate. Deaths have totaled 2,404.

Of the new cases, 62 were in Merida, 11 in Valladolid, seven in Tizimín, six in Chemax, five in Chichimilá and Progreso; two in Motul and Peto; and one in Buctzotz, Chankom, Kanasín, Maxcanú, Ticul, Tinum and Yaxkabá.

Current cases include 629 people in stable condition and at home. Hospitalization rose by seven to reach 173.

Coronavirus timeline

  • March 13: The first positive case of Covid in Yucatán was a 57-year-old woman who traveled to Spain via Cancun and then returned to Merida.
  • March 18: The first person killed by COVID in Mexico was a 74-year-old man in Gómez Palacio, Durango. A 41-year-old man from the State of Mexico died later that day.
  • March 24: Five dead in Mexico. In Yucatan, positive cases rise to 23, and the first Yucatecan dies while touring Peru. He was 72, and his wife was also infected. She was released from a local hospital in April. after a long battle with the virus.
  • April 3: Mexico deaths total 60 while in Yucatan, positive cases rise to 61 and the first two deaths are registered: a 36-year-old Yucatecan man with a history of obesity and a 70-year-old British man who was on the cruise ship Marella Explorer that disembarked at Progreso.
  • April 15: First death in Mexico of a minor when a girl with Down syndrome succumbs.
  • June 22: First death of a minor in Yucatán when 6-month-old baby from Campeche perishes.
  • July 26: Yucatan exceeds 1,000 deaths
  • Sept. 1: Yucatan exceeds 2,000 deaths
  • Oct. 15: For the first time in 169 days, no deaths from COVID are reported in Yucatan. Infections reached 19,804.
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