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No injuries in Calle 60 house fire

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No injuries were reported in a house fire on Calle 60 Thursday night. Photo: Reporteros Hoy

Mérida, Yucatán — Firefighters doused a fire that destroyed at least two rooms in an elaborate expat home on Calle 60 Thursday night.

Six firefighters with a fire engine and a mobile water-pump responded to the house, which was locked and unoccupied.

The cause of the fire, reported by neighbors who saw smoke, was not known, according to Reporteros Hoy.

The stately casona, between Calle 73 and 75, had been richly renovated by its U.S.-born owner and was the site of a fundraiser gala in 2011. Its interior has been featured on an architect’s online portfolio.

The blaze began around 9 p.m., and as it intensified, firefighters were slow to control it. No injuries were reported.

With information from Reporteros Hoy, Sipse

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