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No social distancing for these tourists exploring Merida

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Telesur found a group of tourists avoiding basic precautions against the coronavirus today. Photo: Telesur

A group of around 25 tourists taking in the sights of the Centro was spotted by a TV camera this morning, creating outrage on social media.

Telesur broadcast the cluster of sightseers on Calle 60, across from the Plaza Grande. Much of Merida is otherwise quiet today while people stay inside, avoiding the coronavirus. At least 17 people in Yucatan are already infected.

While churches are closed today as a precaution against the pandemic, the tourists appear to be gathering around a guide. It was not clear where the tourists were from.

Guidelines against the spread of coronavirus include avoiding groups of more than 10 people, and staying at least six feet apart.

Being careful not to touch your face with your hands, and frequent hand washing, are also recommended.

Commenters on the Telesur Facebook page complained that tourists were allowed to enter the state during a health emergency, and that the tour group wasn’t regulate. The city hosts free tours daily in the historic center.

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