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Noche Blanca attendance high despite the rain

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Intrepid attendees navigate the 150-plus activities at Noche Blanca. Photo: Facebook

Mérida, Yucatán — Rain didn’t stop Saturday’s Noche Blanca celebrations, although some of the biggest outdoor events had to be rescheduled.

More than 150 indoor cultural events — art exhibitions, plays, film screenings, and music — continued on across the Centro. Attendance was high, according to the cultural director.

The Armando Manzanero and Mario Bautista outdoor concerts at the Plaza Grande were canceled, with promises that the music stars will return at a later date.

Fans at least got to see Bautista, the 21-year-old Mexican pop star, when he arrived at the airport that morning, and when he took to the stage in the evening to greet the crowd.

Bautista is scheduled to return Dec. 2, and Manazanero, the trova legend, is tentatively rescheduled for August.

The Parade of Guayaberas, a fashion show scheduled on the main square, will also re-appear at a later date.

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