Noche Blanca explodes in Mérida

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Lila Downs performs Dec. 6 at the Plaza Grande in Mérida. Photo: Redfern
Lila Downs performs Dec. 6 at the Plaza Grande in Mérida. Photo: Redfern

From gourmet food trucks in Parques Mejorada and San Juan to Lila Downs at the Plaza Grande, tomorrow is packed with free activities under the heading of “La Noche Blanca.”

The sprawling six-hour festival of 120 activities in 57 venues such as parks and galleries, will be held Saturday. Most events begin at 8 p.m. (a few start much later; Lila Downs concert begins at 11:30 p.m.) and continues to the wee hours of the morning.

Free shuttles will help you get from place to place. Follow or share on Twitter with hashtag #EstoyEnLaNocheBlanca.

A partial list of events:

  • Soho Galleries will have food and live music to introduce work by three artists. Selected pieces sold at 20% discount.
  • The General Cemetery will conduct nighttime tours of its flamboyant tombs.
  • Fashion designer David Salomón will have a runway show on the steps of the Cathedral
  • A “Velada bajo la luna” (Evening under the Moon) at La Ermita and the balconies of Centro Cultural Olimpo.
  • Mayab Jazz at Parque Santa Ana
  • Food Without Frontiers, Parque San Juan and Parque Mejorada, until 1 a.m.
  • Night of Trios, Parque de la Ermita
  • La Rondalla of the Museum of Yucateca Song, Museo de la Cancion Yucateca, Calle 57 x 50
  • Geoffrey Aronson: Retrospective Photography, with live music by Manolo Flores and Juan Fogarty, Galeria Merida, Calle 59 x 50
  • Documentary: Mexican Muralistsm Centro Cultural y Artistico la Bodega, Calle 70 x 55 # 470
  • Works by Sandra Nikolai, David Sierra, Oscar Ortiz Otero, Gildo Gonzalez and Carolina Rozas, Le Cirque Galeria, Calle 55a 538 (68 Y 70), Centro
  • Visual Art Creation: Mural style Mexican Kitsch in Full Color, in front of the Museum of the City, Calle 56 and 65
  • Ruinous Subject of Demolition by Eugenio Encarnacion, in front of Galeria Manolo Rivero, Calle 60 x 55

See a complete list here.

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