Noche Blanca returns for a 2022 encore in October

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Rasta Luis and Grupo I & I perform in May 2022 outside the Palacio Municipal during La Noche Blanca in Mérida. Photo: Yucatán Magazine

The second Noche Blanca of 2022 will feature a panucho fair, tours and — despite added scrutiny of the tradition — horse-and-carriage rides.

City Cultural Director Irving Berlin Villafaña confirmed Wednesday that the next edition of the Noche Blanca citywide celebration will be Saturday, Oct. 22.

Calle 60 was closed to traffic, making way for art and music for La Noche Blanca in May 2022. Photo: Yucatán Magazine

It also marks the return of La Víspera on the eve of the event. That extends the event with tours and bike routes the night before.

The year’s first Noche Blanca in May was a post-lockdown comeback for the city, attracting an estimated half-million participants. For many, it was the first large gathering since the pandemic began.

Again, live music, and theatrical and cultural programs will be scattered throughout the city. Everything is free and open to the public.

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