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Noise laws are not being enforced, group tells Merida officials

Todos Somos members says new regulations have not solved the problem

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Merida’s Centro Historico has gotten noisier in recent years as nightclubs have moved in. Photo: La Jornada Maya

Merida, Yucatan — Noise problems continue in several neighborhoods despite new regulations.

Residents met with Urban Development department officials Thursday morning to file a series of noise complaints, saying municipal officials aren’t enforcing the regulations.

The new measures limit the decibel level and hour of the day businesses, and even private homes, can generate noise that disturbs neighbors.

Residents who had formed the group “Todos Somos Mérida” said that the problem persists, despite the long-awaited reforms.

Noise pollution is nothing new in Merida, but the problem got worse in the past several years when night clubs began appearing in previously quiet properties. Many are side-by-side with residential addresses, and blast music in the open air until early morning.

It’s not just in the Centro. Bars operating in some new high-rises around the city have also frustrated residents, often parents with children who are sleep-deprived on school days.

Under the Renán Barrera Concha administration, long-promised regulations were passed June 21. The regulations include financial penalties for those who create excessive noise and ignore laws on sound proofing and operating hours.

The agency received their complaints and promised to meet and resolve their demands.

Source: La Jornada Maya

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