Old Sidra Pino plant, and Santa Ana house, to meet wrecking ball

The old bottling plant in Santiago is going to be torn down. Photo: Sipse

Mérida, Yucatán — City officials confirmed that they will send workers to demolish a piece of history at the end of this month.

Santiago’s gigantic Sidra Pino bottling plant, which for years produced a local brand of chocolate soda among other drinks, partially collapsed recently in heavy rain. Built in 1888, the plant has been silent since 2011.

Additionally, demolition begins next week at an abandoned stone house in Santa Ana, on Calle 47 between 60 and 62 downtown, one of six in the city considered to be in danger of collapse.

The unusual pitched-roof house was a favorite of photographers for many years. But its crumbling facade has been leaving rubble on the sidewalk. For now, the city has the structure shored up with wooden boards.

The identity of the home’s owner has not been published.

Both buildings are unstable and put passersby at risk, said the director of Urban Development, Aref Karam Espósitos.

The house on Calle 47. Photo: Facebook

The bottling plant might be tricky. Workers have to contend with high-voltage cables, said the official.

Of the remaining sites, the buildings’ owners are being held responsible for safety to avoid fines for abandonment, he added.

All the at-risk properties are expected to be resolved before year-end.

The old property near Parque Santa Ana already has approval statements from the INAH and the College of Engineers, but due to inclement weather, work was suspended. Demolition will begin next week, weather permitting.

Source: Sipse

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