Olimpo decentralizes its cultural calendar

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The Olimpo Cultural Center announces its upcoming programming.

The Olimpo Cultural Center‘s September-December season will feature 393 events and 53 projects, spread out to 32 venues, including outdoor spaces and seven comisarías.

“We will not only stay in the Olimpo, but we will also reach other communities,” said Felipe Ahumada Vasconcelos, the municipal director.

The Cultural Center of the South, which is nearing completion, will eventually be a part of the Olimpo’s outreach, he said.

The calendar includes 39 musical performances, 28 theatrical shows and 28 art exhibits. Dance and children’s programming are also planned.

In a press conference, Ahumada Vasconcelos said the Olimpo is reaching new audiences, especially high school and university-level students.

It’s been a busy year for the Olimpo. From April to August, the Olimpo presented 460 activities in 20 venues before a cumulative audience of 21,900.

Artists who wish to be part of Ollimpo programming can answer a call between Oct. 9-13. The city’s 2018 budget earmarks 3 million pesos for performing arts, and 1.5 million for visual arts.

The Olimpo’s season is best tracked online at Mérida es Cultura as well as www.merida.gob.mx and www.capitaldelacultura.com.

Source: Punto Mérida

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